Climbing beans reach new heights in Rwanda

29 January, 2013 by (comments)

Already one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the United Nations predicts that Rwanda’s population of around 11 million people is set to nearly quadruple by the turn of the century. An Upward Spiral – the story of climbing beans in Rwanda from CIAT Colombia on Vimeo. With a pressing need to sustainably boost food productionRead More …

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RWANDA: Release of iron-rich climbing beans featured by AllAfrica

21 June, 2012 by (comments)

The release in Rwanda of five new, nutritionally-improved climbing bean varieties, has been covered by news network AllAfrica. The high-iron beans were developed by the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) using seeds from CIAT’s gene bank in Colombia, as part of the HarvestPlus program. Take a look:

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Rwanda Releases Iron-Rich Beans to Improve Public Health for Millions

20 June, 2012 by (comments)

Kigali, Rwanda / Washington D.C, June 20, 2012 The Rwanda Government today announced the release of five new iron‐rich bean varieties that could provide more iron in the diets of millions of Rwandese who eat beans every day. Iron deficiency is widely prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa. During childhood and adolescence, it lowers resistance to disease and impairs learning capacity. Read More …

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Rwanda: Climbing beans featured in The Guardian

30 April, 2012 by (comments)

UK newspaper The Guardian has just run a 10-picture feature on the successful work of the Rwanda Agriculture Board, CIAT and a host of partners to develop and release improved climbing beans in Rwanda. Rwanda is already running out of land, and by 2100 the United Nations predicts that the current population will almost quadruple. This means sustainable intensificationRead More …

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Ideological stalemate over organic farming slows Central Africa food security fight

27 October, 2011 by (comments)

Experts say ‘balanced’ approach can meet region’s food needs in the face of climate change and rapid population growth The polarized debate over the use of organic and inorganic practices to boost farm yields is slowing action and widespread farmer adoption of approaches that could radically transform Africa’s food security situation, according to a group of leading international scientistsRead More …

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War for food, war for space – the future for Central Africa?

25 October, 2011 by (comments)

When you fly into the Rwandan capital Kigali, one thing is abundantly clear: land is in short supply. Is seems as though every inch of this hilly country is under cultivation. So it is with some justification that some experts are concerned that Rwanda and neighbouring Burundi could be the epicentre of a population time-bomb. Small and landlocked, withRead More …

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Africa experiences a series of “mini-Green Revolutions”

12 April, 2011 by (comments)

International conference to bring good news from the Great Lakes New eco-efficient farming practices have triggered a series of “mini-Green Revolutions” in the Great Lakes region of Africa, and will be the focus of a forthcoming international conference in Rwanda. The new techniques are based on so-called “sustainable intensification” —a concept recently championed by the UK’s chief scientific adviserRead More …

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