Cassava threats: CIAT’s Tony Bellotti interviewed on Radio France Internationale

23 August, 2011 by (comments)

Have a listen to CIAT entomologist Tony Bellotti, speaking on Radio France Internationale today, about the recent CIAT study into the possible hotspots for outbreaks of some of the most formidable pests and diseases of cassava. While the report identifies several key areas ripe for infestation, it also makes recommendations for farmers, and the international community, to prepare forRead More …

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Cassava: preparing for a perfect storm

18 August, 2011 by (comments)

Just one outbreak of a significant crop pest or disease is worrying enough for many farmers. But what about four at the same time? And what if that crop is both the third-most important food source in the tropics, as well as a crucial industrial crop grown by smallholders? New CIAT research just published in the journal Food Security revealsRead More …

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