The Female Face of Farming – new infographic

8 March, 2012 by (comments)

Today is International Women’s Day – and if you’re still unclear about the central role of women in food production around the world, this great new infographic from Farming First should help to bring the issue sharply into focus. It covers clearly, simply, and very elegantly, the gender differences that exist in access to agricultural inputs, education, credit, marketsRead More …

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Future of farming in the palm of our hand

1 March, 2011 by (comments)

Easy, cost-effective, and entertaining aren’t the first words you’d relate to extension work but this could be the case with Scientific Animations Without Borders, new technology which provides farmers in the developing world with educational videos via their cell phones. The how-to videos are about agricultural and health issues – filtering water, eco-efficient pest management, and sustainable farming practicesRead More …

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Climate change: Low adaptability linked to income and education

22 February, 2011 by (comments)

A new index to measure a region’s vulnerability to climate change adaptation indicates that low levels of education and income are more relevant than geographic factors in a community’s ability to adapt. The index was developed by researchers at the World Bank trying to understand the factors shaping exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity to climate change. Click to read more.

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