“Time is short and the stakes are high” – CIAT coffee studies cause a stir

15 January, 2010 by (comments)

CIAT studies predicting the possible effects of climate change on gourmet coffee production in Latin America feature in the January 2010 edition of the specialist industry magazine Coffee & Cocoa International (C&CI;). Described as “the independent voice of the commodity industry”, the C&CI; article assesses the threats “to some of the most celebrated coffee varieties” in the region, basedRead More …

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Pictures from the coffee zone

1 September, 2009 by (comments)

Colombia’s world famous coffee zone, or zona cafetera, is under pressure. Climate change has triggered an exodus of growers unable to fight rising temperatures, erratic rains and increasing pest and disease pressure. Many are small farmers without the money or technology to adapt. This set of pictures, from the towns of Balboa and Apía in the heart of theRead More …

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