Counter-attacking human and pig disease in Asia

5 May, 2015 by (comments)

Lao PDR’s northern-most province lies among cloud-covered peaks between China to the west and Vietnam to the east. The mountains here, along the eastern edge of Phongsaly province, are cut by a narrow winding pass – a trade route with Vietnam becoming more popular amid rising demand for pig meat. Fuelled by affluent regional populations and population growth, demandRead More …

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Emergency taskforce to tackle cassava curse in Cambodia

8 December, 2014 by (comments)

Efforts to contain and control a devastating threat facing cassava farmers and industry in Cambodia will be ramped up this week. A regional taskforce brings together local and international cassava researchers, local government officials and extension officers to hammer out an emergency action plan to tackle a deadly cassava disease and stamp it out. Cassava, cultivated by many poor farmers in Cambodia, is threatenedRead More …

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Brainstorming with the media on climate change in Vietnam

27 November, 2014 by (comments)

Twenty-seven journalists from a broad range of media outlets in Vietnam attended a two-day seminar in Hanoi recently, which aimed to stimulate better information sharing between agricultural researchers and the media. A panel of experts from CGIAR Centers and national partners shaped the discussions, with an introductory speech by Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Rural Development, Dr.Read More …

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Tiny wasps make big news

25 November, 2014 by (comments)

When CIAT’s Kris Wyckhuys and Bogor Agricultural University’s Aunu Rauf unleashed around 3,000 tiny parasitic wasps into a field cage in Indonesia in September, little could they have imagined the big news these tiny creatures would whip up. From the Financial Times, Bloomberg TV and the Wall Street Journal to local language outlets like Kompas, an international audience wanted to know what this “SWAT team”,Read More …

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New Emeritus in Asia: ceremony to welcome Dr. Bo

25 November, 2014 by (comments)

By Yen Le Hoang The former President of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Science (VAAS) and long-standing ally of CIAT’s agricultural research for development in Southeast Asia, Dr. Nguyen Van Bo, has been inaugurated as CIAT Emeritus on the evening of October 24. During the memorable ceremony in Thang Loi hotel, CIAT staff had the honor of welcoming Dr.Read More …

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Brown bag seminars: Nutrition and the double burden

25 November, 2014 by (comments)

By Yen Le Hoang The first-of-its-kind Brown-bag seminar was held at the Agricultural Genetics Institute (AGI) in Vietnam on October 24. This monthly lunch seminar series aims to foster research sharing, learning and collaboration among researchers from different CGIAR Centers, coordinated by Dr. Lisa Hiwasaki, coordinator of HumidTropics in Vietnam, and Dr. Dindo Campilan, regional director of CIAT Asia.Read More …

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Race to halt mystery curse spreading across Southeast Asia

16 April, 2014 by (comments)

The race is on to identify the mysterious cause of a devastating cassava disease sweeping through the region. Dozens of species of insects – thought to be the culprits for its spread – are currently being tested for traces of the disease, as researchers intensify efforts to stamp it out. Cassava witches’ broom disease is so called because ofRead More …

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