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In order to influence the direction of scientific research and development policy, improve knowledge sharing and train up-and-coming scientists, CIAT both hosts and attends workshops, conferences and training events in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Check here for information on forthcoming events and coverage of those in progress, as well as what's happening on the institutional side.

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Global research centers unite for bigger impact  

18 December, 2015 by (comments)

A major national consultation took place in Hanoi, Vietnam this week, to unite key players in agricultural research and define a collaborative road-map to deliver impact. The meeting comes during a crucial phase in CGIAR restructuring, as a second phase of Center Research Program (CRP) themes are further refined to be rolled out next year. Inputs from national participantsRead More …

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Fernando Calle: He leaves a trace of enthusiasm and love for growing cassava

14 December, 2015 by (comments)

Contributing to the third most important source of food energy in the world was Fernando Calle’s mission for 38 years of work at CIAT as agronomist in charge of cassava cultivation in Palmira and the Eastern Plains in Colombia. Today, he ends his phase as a researcher, leaving a great legacy in the organization. He got his start atRead More …

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Michigan State University delegation to Southeast Asia

20 November, 2015 by (comments)

Michigan State University and CIAT kicked off a series of seminars and meetings across Southeast Asia on November Saturday 7th. The delegation of researchers from MSU met with CIAT’s local partners in Vietnam for a two-day seminar to discuss potential collaboration before travelling to Cambodia and other countries in the region. During discussions in Ho Chi Minh City, delegates discussed regionalRead More …

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Recognition, a road to organizational success

23 October, 2015 by (comments)

Every day, people work hard at their jobs to attain their objectives and hope that their work will be appreciated and their efforts recognized. It is a question of basic human needs, of the recognition and appreciation we all need because human beings, by their very nature, like to feel important, that they are being taken into consideration, andRead More …

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Southeast Asia’s best cassava breeders form network

19 October, 2015 by (comments)

A network of Southeast Asia’s cassava breeders, who have achieved some of the best progress in breeding history worldwide, met in Hanoi, Vietnam on October 9th and 10th to discuss research milestones and next steps. Around two million hectares of cassava are planted to Southeast Asia’s breeding programs, said Dr. Clair Hershey, CIAT’s cassava program leader in his opening remarks.Read More …

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CIAT strengthens partnership with Kenya

8 October, 2015 by (comments)

Kenya isn’t just home to CIAT’s operations in Africa, it is home to a longstanding and successful partnership with the Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) (formerly KARI). Over the years, the partners have generated major agricultural research successes for the benefit of Kenyan farmers. It is against this backdrop that KALRO and CIAT cemented their commitment toRead More …

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A brief introduction, from Robin Buruchara, Regional Director for Africa

2 September, 2015 by (comments)

This editorial from Robin Buruchara, Regional Director for Africa, welcomes readers to the first CIAT Africa e-Newsletter, published on 6 September 2015.  Over the last year I have met with many valued partners, donors and stakeholders – both new and old. And, for me, two recurring elements from those interactions stand out: First, that CIAT is in a very privilegedRead More …

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