Fernando Calle: He leaves a trace of enthusiasm and love for growing cassava

14 December, 2015 by (comments)

Contributing to the third most important source of food energy in the world was Fernando Calle’s mission for 38 years of work at CIAT as agronomist in charge of cassava cultivation in Palmira and the Eastern Plains in Colombia. Today, he ends his phase as a researcher, leaving a great legacy in the organization. He got his start atRead More …

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Recognition, a road to organizational success

23 October, 2015 by (comments)

Every day, people work hard at their jobs to attain their objectives and hope that their work will be appreciated and their efforts recognized. It is a question of basic human needs, of the recognition and appreciation we all need because human beings, by their very nature, like to feel important, that they are being taken into consideration, andRead More …

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