How does collective intelligence address climate change?

31 August, 2015 by (comments)

The Climate CoLab community, led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, seeks to harness the collective intelligence of people all over the world in putting together proposals that tackle the challenge of climate change. Inspired by developments such as Wikipedia and Linux, MIT created the crowdsourcing platform, where citizens work with experts and with each other toRead More …

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Data and Information Management Plan 2015 – 2016

18 December, 2014 by (comments)

Since the arrival of Leroy Mwanzia as Data and Information Manager at CIAT, the team has been working on an action plan for 2015. The visit of Luz Marina Alvare from IFPRI helped a great deal in identifying our priorities. We now have set ourselves concrete objectives which are part of CIAT’s Business Plan related to the publishing ofRead More …

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Developing sustainable agricultural intensification guidelines for Tanzania

17 September, 2014 by (comments)

The expansion of agriculture into wild lands poses an enormous risk to conservation efforts and to the ecosystem services upon which our societies depend. An alternative is growing more food on less land. To help farmers in Tanzania accomplish this, CIAT is leading a work stream to spatially target agricultural intensification investments that promote smallholder farmer inclusiveness and sustainableRead More …

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Optimising cooperatives to enhance development

3 September, 2014 by (comments)

Numerous studies by Wageningen University, IFPRI and CIAT suggest that agribusiness development initiatives involving African farmer organizations tend to produce conflicting impacts. Some initiatives either do not provide adequate income sources in alleviating poverty or do not ensure the preservation of natural resources. To find solutions to these problems CIAT researcher Gian Nicola Francesconi took part in a Cooperatives workshop from 1-Read More …

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Workshop on Molecular Diagnostic Methodologies of Rice Pathogenic Bacteria

30 April, 2014 by (comments)

Evaluating the phytosanitary quality of rice seeds subject to importation and exportation is one of the biggest challenges faced by plant protection departments in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Restrictions on transboundary movement of rice seeds, due to possible contamination with pathogens, make necessary the implementation of suitable laboratory tests to avoid relying exclusively on field inspections. AsRead More …

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International photo competition on forestry and gender

2 April, 2014 by (comments)

Photos knock down the world’s language barriers and connect people, particularly when it comes to agricultural issues in which the audiences are so diverse: farmers, rural and urban families, NGOs, public and private sector actors, donors, and students. The CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (CRP-FTA) and CIAT gender specialists would like to bring a twist toRead More …

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Witches’ broom – a curse on cassava

3 February, 2014 by (comments)

The online magazine New Agriculturist recently published the article: Witches’ broom – a curse on cassava, outlining CIAT’s renewed efforts to contain and clamp-down on emerging pests and diseases threatening cassava production with partners in Southeast Asia. A key threat, cassava witches’ broom disease, threatens up to 40 million smallholder farmers in the region who depend on the crop for theirRead More …

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