Three-month research stipend in Vietnam

11 August, 2015 by (comments)

A short-term, three-month postdoc stipend is available for a pilot project led by Dr. Abigail Walter of SLU and Dr. Kris Wyckhuys of CIAT. The project will examine tritophic interactions involving cassava, invasive pathogens and herbivores, and the native insect herbivore and natural enemy communities. Lead researchers are looking for a postdoc for a three-month field work project, collecting and identifying insects in Vietnam, with a start date between November 2015 and January 2016.

If you are interested in doing field work in Vietnam, and you have field and/or taxonomic experience please send your CV and letter of interest by 20 August, 2015. A three month stipend from SLU plus travel and living expenses in Vietnam will be provided. In order to be eligible for the stipend, you must have obtained a PhD less than three years ago, have never been employed by SLU, and have received less than 24 months of stipend from SLU previously. Swedish citizens are not eligible for stipends. No previous SLU affiliation is needed to apply.

For more infromtion or to apply contact (at) Download the position announcement.

The miniature wasp Anagyrus lopezi. Credit: Georgina Smith / CIAT

The miniature wasp Anagyrus lopezi. Credit: Georgina Smith / CIAT

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