CIAT’s Annual Program Review 2015 is around the corner

12 June, 2015 by (comments)

This year’s Annual Program Review (APR) will take place from 22–26 June in CIAT headquarters in Cali, Colombia.


With the overall objective of improving the quality of research, the APR provides an opportunity for broad dialogue between research areas, programs, and regions to ensure alignment with the Center mission, strategy, core themes, and priorities. Scientific staff from Africa, Asia, and Central America will be participating as well, therefore the APR represents a unique opportunity to strengthen personal connections and collegial spirit.

Recent developments in CGIAR and the implications of recent decisions on changes in governance and research portfolios will be obviously part of a lot of deliberations. Among the several themes that have been prioritized in this year’s agenda, one first moment promises to generate high-level energy and engagement: a high-level panel discussion with virtual participation of experts dedicated to big data and agricultural innovation, moderated by Andy Jarvis, Director of CIAT’s Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) Research Area.

Moreover, half a day will be dedicated to the Center research on soils and to celebrate the International Year of Soils. Through presentations, debates, and a special Soils Fair, we will be exploring issues such as health & food, people & ecosystem, climate, and land & planning.

Our progress in developing and implementing a new interdisciplinary strategy in Asia will be discussed. For Africa, we will be looking at ways to leverage the Pan Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) with the aim to make a greater contribution to nutrition, integrated crop management, and markets.

Science matters will also be debated in different scenarios: a science review will focus on agrobiodiversity with discussions on 1) breeding and phenomics platforms and pipelines and 2) the nitrogen challenges. In research related to decision and policy analysis, we will look at 3) seasonal agro-climatic forecasting as well as 4) novel impact assessment approaches. Furthermore, in an Innovation Marketplace, CIAT staff will be able to participate in a total of nine sessions that have been suggested by scientists and that provide an additional opportunity to share and discuss new methods, processes, and tools in research discovery, development, and delivery. An additional discussion space is open to further optimize ongoing research and enable coordination and integration.

Finally we will dedicate some time to tackling technology transfer and models for public-private partnerships (PPPs) in CIAT and lessons learned. With this session, we hope to increase awareness about technology and knowledge transfer issues, and debate around PPPs in terms of access, inclusion, and socio-economic transformation of targeted audiences.

CIAT looks forward to staff’s active participation in a lively event.

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