Study on human diets whets the appetite of global media

17 March, 2014 by (comments)

A new study about the increasing homogeneity of global food supplies has produced, well, a gut reaction in mass media around the world.


The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS) by scientists with CIAT, the Global Crop Diversity Trust, and several university partners. They report that, over the past 5 decades, human diets around the world have grown ever more similar, with worrying consequences for human health and agriculture’s resilience in the face of climate change. The authors call for action on various fronts to foster diversity in food production and consumption.

More than 180 articles have been published so far, and according to PNAS “article level metrics,” the study is among the “highest ever scored in this journal.”

Click here to read the news release, and see below a smorgasbord of articles and interviews:

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