Gender: Moving beyond the box-ticking exercise

7 November, 2013 by (comments)

By Katherine A. Snyder and Beth Cullen This blog originally appeared on the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) blog and is part of the Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog’s month-long series on Restoring Landscapes. Read the full post on the WLE blog.  Gender…’s a word that usually provokes a response, often either of eye-rolling or ardent interest.  All tooRead More …

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Thinking out of the box on climate change

7 November, 2013 by (comments)

Picture this. Floods in the Mekong Delta brew trouble in Southeast Asia, as agricultural land is submerged. Suddenly, private sector investment sparks mass buying of agricultural land – and what follows is a decline in critical biodiversity, combined with wildlife smuggling as poor farmers struggle to make a living from dwindling natural resources. Then climate change kicks in. SeaRead More …

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