Generating a climate conscience through south-south learning

4 September, 2013 by (comments)

What have Colombia and Senegal in common? Both are fighting (and winning) for a place in the World Cup next year. But perhaps of far more importance, both countries are taking a global lead in confronting climate challenges.


Photo: Andy Jarvis

Senegal is a country where for millennia farmers have learned to manage their climate. There is tremendous indigenous knowledge about indicators of climate, and incredibly advanced knowledge on managing food security in a country where not a drop of rain falls for 8 months of the year.

In Colombia, climate still has the upper hand over the farmers. The abundant water resources and “eternal spring” that many regions of the country experience means that climate is an almost afterthought for most of the population.

However, recent climate variability has caused significant damage to the country’s infrastructure, and wreaked havoc for farmers who have experienced both floods and droughts in the past three years. And so history has brought Senegal and Colombia together for a learning exchange on how to bring climate into the conscience of a nation.

For the full story by Andy Jarvis, DAPA Research Area Director of CIAT, go to the CCAFS blog.

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