Uganda study provides compelling case for biofortification

8 August, 2012 by (comments)

New varieties of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes have helped provide “significant amounts of vitamin A to malnourished Ugandan children and women”, according to a study published today in the Journal of Nutrition. The findings provide compelling evidence for the ongoing efforts of HarvestPlus to improve the nutrient content of key staple food crops. Click the picture to read the wholeRead More …

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Toronto Star features CIAT/CCAFS cassava & climate change work

6 August, 2012 by (comments)

The Toronto Star – Canada’s largest daily newspaper – has just published a piece about the great potential of cassava as a climate-smart crop. The article which features research from the “Rambo root” scientific article by CIAT & CCAFS earlier this year.

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All you need to know about Cassava… but were too afraid to ask

2 August, 2012 by (comments)

Handbook passes the baton of cassava knowledge to a new generation of researchers That’s right: everything you need to know about cassava, in a single book. But that should in no way belittle this 800-page tome. The Cassava Handbook is an in-depth, exhaustive – but by no means exhausting – compendium of nearly four decades of CIAT research intoRead More …

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