Uganda cassava conference – leading scientists confirmed

29 May, 2012 by (comments)

An important update from our partners at the Danforth Center: Global gathering features leading authorities on cassava research Presentations to address a wide variety of issues impacting production and food security ST. LOUIS, MO, May 29, 2012—An impressive lineup of the leaders in cassava research and development from around the globe will present during the second scientific conference ofRead More …

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Rio+20 Call to Action Resonates in Colombia

23 May, 2012 by (comments)

A call to action prepared by CGIAR for the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, got a favorable hearing in Colombia this week, as government officials, development experts, and business leaders gathered for the Colombia Green Economy Congress in Bogotá. The Congress was designed to foster debate on the green economy concept andRead More …

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MSN and Reuters cover CIAT cassava work

22 May, 2012 by (comments)

Here’s some of the latest media coverage of CIAT’s cassava work from the last few days. The first, from MSN, brings in an interesting Nigerian perspective to the cassava “Rambo root” work. The second is last week’s International Year of Cassava post, which was republished by Reuters Alertnert, and in turn republished by AllAfrica:  

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CIAT’s “Rambo root” research featured by Deutsche Welle

18 May, 2012 by (comments)

Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle has just run an interesting piece based on CIAT’s “Rambo root” cassava research paper from earlier this year, which championed the crop’s resilience to climate change. Take a look.

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Will 2012 be remembered as the unofficial Year of Cassava?

16 May, 2012 by (comments)

It might be an abuse of artistic license, but 2012 might well be remembered as the first International Year of Cassava – in all but name. That’s because this year has already witnessed a sea change in the way the world regards this long-neglected crop. And it’s about time really: cassava feeds half-a-billion people in Africa every day, andRead More …

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Uganda: Cassava conference to tackle climate change head-on

16 May, 2012 by (comments)

An important announcement from our colleagues at the Danforth Plant Science Center: Global alliance to gather to consider strategies for overcoming challenges of global climatic change at international cassava conference ST. LOUIS, MO, May 15, 2012—The Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP21) will hold its second scientific conference June 18 – 22, 2012 at the Speke ResortRead More …

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Impact of CIAT’s cassava research

15 May, 2012 by (comments)

Since CIAT’s establishment 45 years ago, its scientists have built up an extraordinary record of science, by researching and generating technologies, crop management practices, and new knowledge that better enable farmers, especially smallholders, to improve their crop production systems, increase their incomes and sustainably manage natural resources. In recent days, we released the first post about the Impacts of CIAT’sRead More …

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