See climate change research – as it happens

3 October, 2011 by (comments)

Don’t let the name frighten you.

The Adaptation and Mitigation Knowledge Network (AMKN) is an innovative and user-friendly way of sharing ongoing climate change research.

The polysyllabic web tool, launched today, allows users to zoom-in on a world map, and pinpoint specific areas of interest to CCAFS – the CGIAR-wide program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security.

Embedded in the map is a mine of information about current research to help smallholder farmers adapt to, and where appropriate, mitigate climate change.

AMKN also allows you to check-in on stories, pictures and multimedia from key CCAFS sites, to see how the work is progressing. And since it’s a live platform, it’s regularly updated.

Researchers hope that the AMKM platform will help bring the sometimes disparate research findings together, and give a better idea of the realities facing farmers and scientists on the ground.

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