Haitian mangoes ripe for export – new study

23 September, 2011 by (comments)

A new report has found that targeted mango production in Haiti could be one way to help smallholder farmers boost their incomes.

Produced by CIAT in partnership with Catholic Relief Services, the report looks at opportunities for developing the mango value chain in the Caribbean nation, which is struggling to recover from last year’s devastating earthquake.

It identifies opportunities for Haitian producers to capitalize on demand for fresh mangoes from the United States during times of the year when supplies from other mango producing countries are low, and prices are high. It also found spare capacity in-country for producing high-value dried mango for export.

While targeting mango production alone is not a “silver bullet” solution, it is hopefully a strong example of how market-based interventions can compliment other rural development strategies in Haiti.

For more, see this post from one of the report’s authors, Nora Patricia Castañeda, on the blog of CIAT’s Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) program . The post also includes links to an additional report looking at Haiti’s coffee value chain.

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