Two Degrees Up video series – 10,000 online hits, and rising

5 May, 2011 by (comments)

If you still haven’t seen them, the recent series of Two Degrees Up climate change photofilms, released for the launch of the CGIAR’s Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) in December last year, are continuing to attract plenty of online viewers.

This week they reached and breached the 10,000 hits mark.

The films, jointly produced by CIAT and CCAFS,  look at what a changing climate could mean for farming communities in East and West Africa, and South America. From threats to coffee production in Colombia (also in Spanish), to land conflict and rural displacement in Ghana, to water scarcity in Kenya, the videos document the experiences of small farmers, and highlight the urgent need to adapt production. Click to watch an overall introduction to the series from CIAT’s Andy Jarvis, and if you’re really in a hurry, watch the trailer and make a note to watch the full videos later, by bookmarking CIAT on YouTube.

Also, be sure to visit the recently revamped CCAFS website, and stay tuned for more from Two Degrees Up, including new photofilms coming later in 2011.

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