Future of farming in the palm of our hand

1 March, 2011 by (comments)

Easy, cost-effective, and entertaining aren’t the first words you’d relate to extension work but this could be the case with Scientific Animations Without Borders, new technology which provides farmers in the developing world with educational videos via their cell phones. The how-to videos are about agricultural and health issues – filtering water, eco-efficient pest management, and sustainable farming practicesRead More …

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Guyana pushes for rice resilience

1 March, 2011 by (comments)

Guyana’s minister of agriculture has revealed national adaptation strategies to ensure the country’s rice production is not brought down by climate change, AlertNet reports. Developing new rice varieties with flood, drought and salinity tolerance is of particular focus, as many rice farmers suffered major crop losses during the floods of 2005 and droughts of 2009. The government also identifiesRead More …

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UN committed to making Cancun count

1 March, 2011 by (comments)

Just launched, The Cancun Agreements website will monitor progress towards the climate change targets agreed at the United Nations COP16 conference in Cancun, Mexico, in December last year. The site outlines specific commitments relating to mitigation and adaptation, as well as national financial and technological contributions to address climate change. It also includes a timeline of important dates and a section onRead More …

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Coffee and climate change photofilm now in Spanish

1 March, 2011 by (comments)

Click to watch the Spanish version of Two Degrees Up – PART ONE: Colombia. The 6-minute photostory documents the experiences of smallholder coffee farmers in Colombia’s southwestern Cauca department, who are already feeling the effects of rising temperatures on their crucial, high-value cash crop. The English version on the story was shown at the recent United Nations COP16 ClimateRead More …

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