CIAT’s Flickr page – 100,000 hits and rising

17 March, 2010 by (comments)

CIAT photographs hosted on the Flickr website have received more than 100,000 hits – in less than a year. The milestone figure was reached this morning.


The ever-growing online photo library features over 1,300 images of CIAT’s work to find eco-efficient solutions to hunger in the tropics. Creative Commons licensing enables users to download and publish the pictures free-of-charge – on the condition that publication is accompanied by a CIAT photo credit.

The CIAT photostream was established as a part of a trial of online social media tools in May 2009. Traffic to the site has risen sharply in recent months.

Recent users include: the Associated Press news agency, the BBC, The Guardian newspaper, Scientific American magazine, the United Nations University, the UN’s Media Global news agency, World Resources Institute’s NextBillion blog, Coffee & Cocoa International magazine, the Crop Science journal, as well as various CGIAR centers – for news and features pages, websites, posters, presentations and conference materials.

You can visit CIAT’s Flickr Photostream to browse the latest uploads.

You can visit the following sets of CIAT Pictures for more specific shots.

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