Daniel Debouck – guardian of biodiversity

21 January, 2010 by (comments)

CIAT’s Daniel Debouck is featured in the latest edition of Geneflow.

The annual magazine, produced by CGIAR sister-center Bioversity International, promotes “awareness of the importance of the Earth’s agricultural biodiversity and the role it plays in improving people’s lives and livelihoods.”

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In the two-page feature, Daniel describes his work as manager of CIAT’s genebank at the institution’s headquarters in Colombia, which is one of the largest repositories of plant genetic material in the world. He also outlines the importance of protecting and conserving genetic diversity: “I believe that one of the longest-lasting contributions you can make to society is the conservation and study of our biological heritage,” he says.
Downloadable PDFs of the latest edition of Geneflow will shortly be made available on the publications section of the Bioversity International website.
In the meantime, you can click on the picture above to open the screenshot on the CIAT flickr page. Then click “All Sizes” to increase the size of the text.
Daniel was central to the CGIAR’s successful bid to overturn the controversial “Enola” yellow bean patent. You can read about the culmination last year, of a decade-long battle to protect small bean producers in Latin America on the CIAT blog and CAS-IP blog, as well as a detailed background to the case here.

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