Jarvis on climate change adaptation

7 December, 2009 by (comments)

CIAT’s Andy Jarvis has been interviewed for Colombian National TV News about the threats and opportunities posed by climate change in the country. The feature was broadcast on Noticias Uno on Friday 4th December.

Andy, who is currently attending the COP15 UN Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, discusses the challenges to one of Colombia’s most important cash crops – coffee – and how planting cacao could be one option to help small farmers adapt. He also mentions the importance of developing improved crop varieties, such as drought tolerant beans.

Watch the clip here (in Spanish), or click the play button on the video screen.
Watch this space for more from the climate change discussions in Copenhagen over the next few days.

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  • Julian

    Yes- undoubtedly cacao could be an option, (in agronomical, or climatological terms, lets say), however, it's a bit risky to state in Colombian national TV news that Colombian coffee growers need to think in other options than coffee. They will simply not understand what you're talking about. Isn't crop substitution a last chance adaptation measure for perennial, traditional, high value crops -such as coffee in developing countries? Why not to speak on other measures first?

  • Andy Jarvis

    Absolutely. Key sentences explaining that first we must work on adapting coffee systems to continue growing coffee into the future were unfortunately not transmitted! There is still plenty of hope to continue growing coffee in these regions, although regions in low elevations are already struggling, and with 2 degrees of change it is inevitable that alternative crops must be found.