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25 August, 2009 by (comments)

Active involvement of CIAT in the preparations of the 2010 Global Conference on Agricultural Research (GCARD)

In order for agricultural research to be as effective as possible, partnerships between CIAT and other research organizations are essential. These enable us to produce the right research and reach the right people.

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Next year’s Global Conference on Agricultural Research (GCARD) aims to create new ways of working together to enhance the value of research. Through GCARD, there is a chance to reshape agricultural research and innovation, improve research resources, and increase its impact. And it’s more than just a conference: it’s an ongoing process of learning and continuous updating of the global agricultural research-for-development system. As a result GFAR, the CGIAR including CIAT and their many partners hope to extend the reach of their research to end hunger and malnutrition around the world.

CIAT is actively supporting this process. We are helping prepare and coordinate the e-consultation process between GFAR regional offices, and we will host the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) regional consultation meeting at our Palmira headquarters in Colombia, in October 2009. The LAC regional consultation process is organized by the Forum for the Americas on Agricultural Research and Technology Development (FORAGRO) and coordinated by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

GCARD 2010 will result in an action plan and framework to improve agricultural research and innovation globally.

Get involved by subscribing to the regional e-consultations of your choice, following the GCARD blog or tweets.

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