HarvestPlus – better crops, better nutrition

23 April, 2013 by (comments)

Published in the CIAT Annual report 2012-2013, out now. HarvestPlus, the joint CIAT- International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) programme to develop nutritionally-improved – or “biofortified” – staple food crops in Africa, Asia and Latin America, marked its ninth year with a number of new crop releases and improved systems to get the crops into the hands of smallholderRead More …

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DFID to announce major reforms to overseas aid

28 February, 2011 by (comments)

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is poised to announce major reforms to its USD13 billion international aid program, which could see the end of direct aid to several countries, and greater focus on improving livelihoods in conflict zones and “failing” states. Some 16 countries could lose direct aid, including Niger, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burundi, Cameroon, Iraq, Gambia, China and Russia. India is also facing a freeze in theRead More …

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