Addressing the need for seed… and what we can learn from

20 January, 2016 by (comments)

Researchers believe they have uncovered a promising opportunity for reaching smallholder farmers in developing countries with vital crops that could help them respond to a host of challenges including climate change and malnutrition. It could have important implications for the way seed sales and distribution are organised, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. For decades, scientists have developed new crop varietiesRead More …

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Haiti: an action plan for agricultural development

5 November, 2010 by (comments)

A landmark CIAT report into the state of agriculture in Haiti, following January 2010’s devastating earthquake, features in the latest edition of New Agriculturist. The online development magazine, funded by the UK International Department for International Development (DFID), takes a close look at the recently released Haiti Seed System Security Assessment (SSA), which makes a series of recommendations forRead More …

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Reaching end-users : Let’s rethink who is the “pea” and who is the “elephant”

20 May, 2009 by (comments)

Louise Sperling kicked off Day 3 of CIAT’s KS week by stimulating our thinking around the issue of ‘Reaching End Users’ (REU). “While REU was rejected as a deliberate thrust in CIAT’s strategy, and is not visible in the MTPs, the ideas around REU are very high on the agenda of the new CGIAR where planned funding mechanisms andRead More …

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