CIAT featured in Vietnam News

13 December, 2013 by (comments)

Vietnam’s National English Newspaper Vietnam News features an article to highlight a training initiative led by CIAT to raise awareness of new and invasive threats to cassava in the region. Top international experts from Finland, Colombia, Australia, the US and Southeast Asia discussed methods to control invasive mealybug infestation on cassava and other plants at a three-day workshop supported by theRead More …

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Climate-smart road map for global rice powerhouse

11 December, 2013 by (comments)

A climate-smart road map for Southeast Asia is now taking shape as researchers meet for a planning workshop in Thailand. Photo: UN Photo/M.Perret (view original) This post appears originally on the CCAFS website. A climate-smart road map for Southeast Asia is taking shape as researchers gather in Bangkok Thailand to hammer out an action plan and decide on target sites to exploreRead More …

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Thinking out of the box on climate change

7 November, 2013 by (comments)

Picture this. Floods in the Mekong Delta brew trouble in Southeast Asia, as agricultural land is submerged. Suddenly, private sector investment sparks mass buying of agricultural land – and what follows is a decline in critical biodiversity, combined with wildlife smuggling as poor farmers struggle to make a living from dwindling natural resources. Then climate change kicks in. SeaRead More …

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Decision makers to debate climate threats in Southeast Asia

31 October, 2013 by (comments)

Leading decision makers and researchers from Southeast Asia will meet in Vietnam to debate how future climate, environmental, political and socio-economic factors could impact food security across the region. Experts will gather at the workshop from November 5-7, in Halong City, Vietnam, entitled: “Scenarios for Future Food Security, Environments and Livelihoods in Southeast Asia.” Currently targeting Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam, theRead More …

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Impact of CIAT’s cassava research

15 May, 2012 by (comments)

Since CIAT’s establishment 45 years ago, its scientists have built up an extraordinary record of science, by researching and generating technologies, crop management practices, and new knowledge that better enable farmers, especially smallholders, to improve their crop production systems, increase their incomes and sustainably manage natural resources. In recent days, we released the first post about the Impacts of CIAT’sRead More …

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