Scaling up – TV helps farmers shape up soils in East Africa

2 April, 2015 by (comments)

There are a lot of big facts about soil knocking around this year – on account of it being the International Year of Soils. These are great for mobilising much-needed global interest and action in efforts to protect this finite resource on which our lives depend (even the White House posted a blog on ‘Why soil rocks’ last week). ButRead More …

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Putting nitrogen to work for smallholder farmers

19 November, 2013 by (comments)

Many soils across Africa are starved of nitrogen, making it difficult for smallholder farmers to produce the yields needed to feed growing populations. For many, the cost and accessibility, or lack thereof, puts nitrogen fertiliser beyond their reach. But what if they could harness free nitrogen from the atmosphere? They can – by growing legumes, which ‘fix’ nitrogen intoRead More …

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On Africa’s farms, history doesn’t have to repeat itself

29 October, 2013 by (comments)

By Rolf Sommer This post is part of the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) blog month-long focus on Restoring soils and landscapes. Rolf Sommer is participating in Global Soil Week October 27-31, 2013. For farmers in North America, Europe and parts of Asia, growing enough food has never been a problem thanks to a centuries-oldRead More …

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Redressing the land degradation scar through restoration

23 October, 2013 by (comments)

By Paul Vlek and Lulseged Tamene This blog originally appeared on the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) blog on 23 October 2013 and is part of the Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog’s month-long series on Restoring Landscapes. Getting the basics right Considering the issues of land degradation and what might fit the CGIAR Research Program on Water,Read More …

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