Four-legged futures: turning Vietnam’s cash cows into productive assets

21 March, 2013 by (comments)

CIAT Annual Report 2012-3 – Sneak Preview Ngo Van Hung is poised to quit his job as a builder in Vietnam’s Ea Kar District. Around six years ago he started getting a lot of work in the village of Chu Cuc, a community of smallholder farmers. He’d build a new home here, another one there; all of them bigRead More …

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New digital story – Chayote success in Vietnam

26 January, 2010 by (comments)

A new CIAT digital story looks at the success of our Asia office in improving the livelihoods of chayote farmers in Vietnam’s northern uplands. (If you have problems viewing the video stream here, you can watch it directly on Blip TV). The delicious, nutritious shoots of the chayote plant are very popular with wealthy diners in Hanoi. By reformingRead More …

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