Africa one step closer to GM

1 April, 2011 by (comments)

More African nations could be moving closer to formally introducing genetically modified (GM) crops, as the increasing demand on food production and natural resources forces them to consider all the possible solutions to hunger and poverty.   Most countries, reports Reuters Africa, have been wary about the adoption of GM crops out of fear of the unknown effect onRead More …

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Rethinking agriculture: GM crops and sustainability

25 March, 2011 by (comments)

In the current climate of extreme weather, diminishing natural resources, and a growing population, experts have suggested that the food system needs to be overhauled if we’re going to produce enough food to meet rising demand. Here’s an interesting article from Conservation Magazine about the potential of genetically modified (GM) crops to feed the world in a sustainable way.

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USDA attempts to calm GM-organic neighbour dispute

3 March, 2011 by (comments)

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is pushing for the acceptance of genetically modified (GM) crops co-existing with organic crops, Voice of America reports. However, opposition remains strong from food safety advocates who say that contamination of non-GM crops is inevitable while the two are grown, processed, or stored within range of one another. In fact, the Center ofRead More …

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“Sustainable intensification” – what is it?

26 January, 2011 by (comments)

Well, according to UK chief scientific adviser John Beddington, it is the only way we’re going to significantly increase the amount of food produced on the same amount of farmland to meet the challenges of a booming world population. Beddington oversaw the Foresight think-tank’s Global Food and Farming Futures report, which we blogged about yesterday, and which calls forRead More …

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