Beans face stiff competition at drought Olympics

23 September, 2013 by (comments)

Every 4 years, experts from around the world gather for a meeting of the InterDrought Consortium. Think of it as a sort of drought Olympics. The metaphor seems especially apt when you consider that Olympia, the site of the original games in ancient Greece, is a pretty dry place. Instead of competing with one another and giving out medals,Read More …

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The Female Face of Farming – new infographic

8 March, 2012 by (comments)

Today is International Women’s Day – and if you’re still unclear about the central role of women in food production around the world, this great new infographic from Farming First should help to bring the issue sharply into focus. It covers clearly, simply, and very elegantly, the gender differences that exist in access to agricultural inputs, education, credit, marketsRead More …

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