New videos bring agriculture and nutrition into focus

3 February, 2011 by (comments)

We recommend you take 3-and-a-half minutes to watch this new video from our friends at Farming First, about improving agriculture and nutrition. You’ll also see a few CIAT pictures from our Flickr page in there…and a very troubling countdown timer. Click to watch. Farming First Nutrition Video from Farming First on Vimeo. For more information on the project, checkRead More …

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New AgroSalud photofilm now online

6 January, 2011 by (comments)

A short photofilm documenting the work of CIAT-based biofortification program AgroSalud is now available to watch online. The film covers the program’s work to improve children’s nutrition in schools in Colombia’s southwestern department of Cauca, and gives an insight into efforts to improve the nutritional content of staple food crops across Latin America and Caribbean to address endemic malnutrition.Read More …

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Agrosalud – new digital story coming this week on the CIAT blog

3 January, 2011 by (comments)

The groundbreaking work of the CIAT-based biofortification program AgroSalud will feature in a new digital story to be announced on the CIAT blog this week. While you wait, you can get a quick, visual overview of the program by checking out this photo essay published in New Agriculturist. Agrosalud develops, evaluates, promotes, and disseminates improved food crops in 14Read More …

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Tackling malnutrition – with food, not pills

16 June, 2010 by (comments)

We’re sure you’ll be keen to read Michael Latham of Cornell University’s scathing comment piece, The great vitamin A fiasco, published in the first edition of the online journal World Nutrition recently. The article is an extensive, critical account of how the international nutrition community has responded to worldwide vitamin A deficiency by focusing on distributing vitamin A supplements,Read More …

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Drought tolerant beans bring relief to farmers

8 January, 2010 by (comments)

Millions of farmers are set to benefit from a new drought-tolerant bean variety developed jointly by CIAT and the national agricultural research program of Nicaragua. The release of the hardy “INTA Sequia” common bean, which can survive extreme drought, coincided with last month’s United Nations COP15 Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, where world leaders met to discuss waysRead More …

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