CIAT’s “Marge Simpson” cassava featured in The Guardian

11 April, 2013 by (comments)

UK newspaper The Guardian has published an in-depth piece on the potential of cassava as a cash crop in Africa. The article goes into detail about the strange-looking, but highly promising experimental cassava growing at CIAT’s headquarters in Colombia, recently reported here on the CIAT news blog. Tall, compact and likened in appearance both to asparagus and Marge Simpson’sRead More …

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Cassava as you’ve never seen it

22 February, 2013 by (comments)

When I heard that CIAT cassava breeder Hernan Ceballos had some “very strange” cassava to show us, I didn’t waste any time in calling to clarify what he meant. He gave little away: “you have to see it.” Very soon we were in one of CIAT’s vast fields of experimental cassava. I wondered what exactly we’d find: cassava rootsRead More …

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