CIAT wins two WLE Science Outcome Awards

3 October, 2014 by (comments)

CIAT won two of three awards for ‘outstanding outcome story’ held by the Water, Land and Ecosystem Program (WLE) of the CGIAR. Fred Kizito’s work, quantifying ecosystem services as the basis for Payment for Ecosystem Services in the Upper Tana Basin of Kenya and Marcela Quintero’s work on Rewards for Ecosystem Services in watersheds in Peru both received $25,000Read More …

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Developing sustainable agricultural intensification guidelines for Tanzania

17 September, 2014 by (comments)

The expansion of agriculture into wild lands poses an enormous risk to conservation efforts and to the ecosystem services upon which our societies depend. An alternative is growing more food on less land. To help farmers in Tanzania accomplish this, CIAT is leading a work stream to spatially target agricultural intensification investments that promote smallholder farmer inclusiveness and sustainableRead More …

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Optimising cooperatives to enhance development

3 September, 2014 by (comments)

Numerous studies by Wageningen University, IFPRI and CIAT suggest that agribusiness development initiatives involving African farmer organizations tend to produce conflicting impacts. Some initiatives either do not provide adequate income sources in alleviating poverty or do not ensure the preservation of natural resources. To find solutions to these problems CIAT researcher Gian Nicola Francesconi took part in a Cooperatives workshop from 1-Read More …

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