Geotrack mealybug invaders and more: CIAT Asia team received support from Dow

6 October, 2015 by (comments)

When we hear Dow at CIAT, most of us think about the collaboration of CIAT’s forages team with Dow AgroSciences who work together on ensuring farmers to have the high-quality forages they need to fatten their livestock and boost their incomes. Kris Wyckhuys and his team seized a new opportunity for collaboration that emerged with the Leadership in ActionRead More …

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Data Management Community of Practice Workshop

13 July, 2015 by (comments)

CIAT’s data and information management team strives towards becoming the knowledge hub for scientists. The group also aims for CIAT staff to embrace an open science culture and becoming 100% compliant with Open Access goals without compromising quality of work. In July 2015 a group of 30 data managers from CIAT HQ gathered for the first time to understandingRead More …

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Sharpening the focus on CIAT’s role in the restoration of degraded lands and soils

23 June, 2015 by (comments)

Soils matter! We all agree. An important session of CIAT’s Annual Program Review celebrated the International Year of Soils (IYS) and gathered input from CIAT scientists in diverse disciplines on how to sharpen the focus of our soils research agenda.   The soils team first highlighted attractive and successful innovations in communicating soil science during IYS. These include aRead More …

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CIAT’s Annual Program Review 2015 is around the corner

12 June, 2015 by (comments)

This year’s Annual Program Review (APR) will take place from 22–26 June in CIAT headquarters in Cali, Colombia. With the overall objective of improving the quality of research, the APR provides an opportunity for broad dialogue between research areas, programs, and regions to ensure alignment with the Center mission, strategy, core themes, and priorities. Scientific staff from Africa, Asia, andRead More …

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CIAT to coordinate communications, knowledge sharing and information & data management of the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network

16 January, 2015 by (comments)

Formed in 2012, the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network is composed of researchers engaged with social science research on gender in agriculture and natural resource management across the fifteen global CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). In recent months, the Network has taken decisive steps to establish a shared approach for measuring and reporting progress towards empowering women in agricultureRead More …

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Conversations with Nancy White around the implementation of CIAT’s internal communications strategy

7 January, 2015 by (comments)

Nancy, when I contacted you at the beginning of 2014, I was looking for support, through regular conversations (monthly one hour Skype calls), to discuss, and evaluate the implementation of CIAT’s internal communications strategy. What a treat! Wow, that you will a) take the time for reflective and action oriented conversations and, b) pay me for it is WONDERFUL. IRead More …

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