Ecosystems services research in Asia: future possibilities

3 August, 2015 by (comments)

Opportunities in Asia include evaluating the invisible costs and benefits of environmental services within ecosystems. Credit: G.Smith / CIAT

Today’s brown bag seminar – a monthly lunch-seminar series for information-sharing between CGIAR researchers in Southeast Asia – was presented by Marcela Quintero, Ecosystem Services theme leader at the Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area of CIAT.

Her presentation: CIAT’s Ecosystem Services Strategic Initiative; ongoing work in Latin America and opportunities for consolidation in Asia,” showcased a success story from Peru, and outlined bottle-necks in linking urban users with ecosystem service funds despite legalization, while emphasizing the need to scale-up interventions.

In Asia, ecosystem service research has focused on biological control. However, there are many opportunities for expansion in ecosystem services research – in quantifying the value of ecosystems services; scenarios mapping; assessing land-use change; soil mapping and institutional involvement.

Future opportunities in Asia include evaluating the invisible costs and benefits of environmental services, with the possibility of attracting attention from investors; evaluating land-use change; evaluating climate-smart practices and opportunities to demonstrate environmental impact.

There are also opportunities for assessing value chains – such as the commercial cassava value-chain – to measure environmental footprints and carbon storage possibilities, and together with other research institutions such as ICRAF, evaluate clean water from forests, carbon payments for ecosystems services, and eco-tourism services.

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