A Virtual Feast for the Mind

15 April, 2015 by (comments)

responsiveWe invite you to feast your eyes and your mind on the online version of CIAT’s Annual Report 2014-2015: Pathways to Development Impact – our first virtual and fully interactive publication*.

Like our printed annual reports of the past, this one offers a comprehensive overview of the Center’s achievements in the last year – including its contributions to the global research agenda of CGIAR – as viewed by our own leaders and scientists as well as from the perspective of partners and rural people across the tropics.

The big difference is that with the online report you get a real eye-full of content. In Our Stories, for example, every article incorporates a wealth of related materials – including media articles, blog posts, photos, infographics, tweets, and more. You’ll even find several bits of “eye candy” showing how popular culture is helping spread the impact of modern crop science.

If you prefer getting your mind around the scientific details of our work, you can do that too by using a simple interface to sample the whole range of research output available in CIAT’s new DSpace repository. Likewise, if you’re curious to know where Center science is headed, you can read about the forward-looking strategic initiatives we launched last year, with the aim of opening new avenues for research to deliver development impact. In addition, you’ll find important reference information on CIAT’s personnel, donors, finances, and contact details.

Since we developed the report using the latest web technology, you can either consult it from your laptop, regardless of the screen resolution, or enjoy a “moveable feast,” using your mobile device.

*Disponible próximamente en español.

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