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Gearing up for the Gender and Agriculture Research Network discussion

Gearing up for the Gender and Agriculture Research Network discussion

This week, the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network meet at the International Rice Research Institute in Los Baños, in the Philippines. Debate is expected to focus on how to make sure CGIAR research factors gender and social difference into its strategy and results, to enhance future planning and innovation.

Formed in 2012, the  Network is composed of researchers engaged with social science research on gender in agriculture and natural resource management across the fifteen global CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs).

In recent months, the Network has taken decisive steps to establish a shared approach for measuring and reporting progress towards empowering women in agriculture as an outcome of research conducted by those programs. This joint effort is critical for meeting the heightened expectations of CGIAR’s donors, partners, and other stakeholders.

The CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network annual meeting explores how women can be better represented in agricultural research.

Sound Communication, Information and Data management should increase the Network efficiency and visibility, and this is what a team from CIAT will be facilitating. It is indeed important to keep in line with CGIAR open-access implementation guidelines, have a clear and acceptable framework for a network data sharing agreement and get buy-in from the researchers of the network.

Activities will aim to ensure that the data and information generated by the global gender study are well structured and readily available and accessible to network members.

This meeting is an ideal opportunity to for insightful reflection on what is already gender research is already happening on the ground, and how that can better be communicated. The objectives are to share experiences and good practices followed by an open, special topic workshop that addresses opportunities for cross- program research collaboration.

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