New Emeritus in Asia: ceremony to welcome Dr. Bo

25 November, 2014 by (comments)
Dr. Bo and the CIAT Asia team

Dr. Nguyen Van Bo and the CIAT Asia team

By Yen Le Hoang

The former President of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Science (VAAS) and long-standing ally of CIAT’s agricultural research for development in Southeast Asia, Dr. Nguyen Van Bo, has been inaugurated as CIAT Emeritus on the evening of October 24.

During the memorable ceremony in Thang Loi hotel, CIAT staff had the honor of welcoming Dr. Le Quoc Doanh, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Dr. Trinh Khac Quang, current President of VAAS, and many representatives from national institutes and CGIAR Centers in Vietnam. And for course last but not least, the star of the night: Dr. Bo and his family.

On behalf of CIAT, Dr. Dindo Campilan, CIAT Asia’s regional director, gave a warm welcome to the guests and expressed his deepest gratitude to Dr. Bo for his unwavering support in nurturing CIAT’s partnerships in the region, especially in Vietnam. He then presented Dr. Bo with the Emeritus certificate, officially welcoming him to the CIAT Emeritus community.

Emeriti, appointed by the Board of Trustees, are ambassadors of the Center’s work, recognized for their invaluable dedication to the mission to reduce hunger and poverty and improve human nutrition in the tropics. The inauguration of Dr. Bo as CIAT’s twelfth Emeritus member had a distinctive significance, since this was the first time an Asian scientist who has never worked for CIAT was given this honorary position.

While commenting on this fact, Dr. Bo sincerely thanked the Board of Trustees for recognizing his support and dedication to CIAT’s work in the region. He looked forward to continuing his work – this time as an official part of the CIAT family.

Besides cementing the collaboration between CIAT and Dr. Bo, this ceremony served as a stepping stone to establish connections and meaningful ties in the region. Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Le Quoc Doanh, Vice Minister of MARD, gave his promise to provide CIAT with full support in all future endeavours.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Director General of Science, Technology and Environment Department and Dr. Trinh Khac Quang, current President of VAAS, also welcomed future collaboration with CIAT toward the goal of achieving eco-efficient agriculture in the region.

Photo credit: Nguyễn Ngoc Quang

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