Water harvesting project makes a splash

24 November, 2011 by (comments)

If you’ve been following the CIAT blog for the last few months, you’ll know we’ve been getting rather excited about a series of water harvesting pilot projects going on in Nicaragua, which have completely transformed food production there.

This is much, much more than just collecting rainwater in buckets.

Read more about it in this piece, published by the BBC today. You can also read the article in Spanish on BBC Mundo.


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  • http://PeaceCorps Luis Olguin

    Hello my names is Luis Olguin and I am currently a Peace Corps volunteer serving in Ecuador. I specialize in organic practices and drip irrigation. My community is called Los Caras it is very poor and especially dry. It only rains here during the winter and sounds very similar to the Nicaraguan site. The valley is sorounded by hills and I wanted to know what criteria are used to determine if a mini dam system like the one in the article can be practical for my community. I would be very interested in recieving more technical info on the subject. Something like this would be very useful for my empovorished agricultural community

    thank you so much for your time I truly appreciate it.

    Luis Olguin