G20 leaves food crisis looming?

24 June, 2011 by (comments)

The food system will continue to suffer from a lack of strong leadership, and food price volatility will reign, say food experts and aid agencies following the first-ever G20 agricultural ministers’ conference to address food security and commodity regulation held this week in Paris.

In particular, the contentious themes of biofuels and export bans remained unaddressed as big players (the US and Brazil) blocked policies to cut subsidies and trade restrictions.

One outcome of the talks was agreement on the creation of a global agriculture market information system (Amis) for sharing data about the state of food stocks and global production between nations.

The meeting this week was preceding by the launch of an agricultural hedging tool to help developing world farmers manage the risks of food price volatility.

For information on all the related food security issues – including world hunger, smallholder farmers, international and grassroots campaigns to address the issue of food security – listen to this comprehensive podcast from the Guardian.

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