World media has the hots for climate change report

3 June, 2011 by (comments)

The just-released “hotspots” report from CCAFS, highlighting the mounting threat of climate change to smallholder farmers across the tropics, has generated worldwide media interest today.

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The report comes at a crucial time – in the run up to the UN’s Bonn climate change conference, starting next week – where it is absolutely essential that the impact of climate change on smallholder agriculture gets the attention it deserves. The good news is that agriculture is now finally on the negotiators’ agenda.

Hopefully this kind of publicity will also continue to help mobilize support for the ongoing work of institutions like CIAT, which has a strong track record in climate change science, and CCAFS, the CGIAR’s global climate change program that CIAT leads, to make a difference on the ground.

While it seems there are new reports published almost daily on the growing threat of climate change, it is important to ensure that raising awareness results in decisive action. With this in mind, we’ll bring you some more good news soon.

Here’s a selection of today’s articles, some of which feature CIAT’s climate change expert, and CCAFS “theme leader”, Andy Jarvis.

BBC Mundo (in Spanish) and BBC News Online

Time Magazine blog – which also features the Two Degrees Up climate change photofilm from Colombia.

The Guardian Poverty Matters blog

Nature news blog

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