A more inclusive approach to “land grabs” in the developing world

1 April, 2011 by (comments)

Invest in the farmers not the land: that’s attorney and land tenure specialist Darryl Vhugen’s advice to foreign investors buying farmland in the developing world, on the Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog.

International land grabs – purchases or leases of big tracts of land by foreign investors at low costs – are on the rise as big companies look to secure farmland for protecting their own country’s food supply. This often causes the displacement of smallholder farmers, who often occupy the land under long-standing traditional claims rather than official legal entitlements.

The Ethiopian government has attracted international attention lately for freeing up millions of hectares of land and offering it cheaply to foreign companies, with tax breaks, resulting in the relocation of as many as 15,000 rural residents.

Watch here a video about it from the Guardian’s John Vidal.

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