New CIAT bean guide aims to boost yields and seed sales

8 February, 2011 by (comments)

Small-scale bean farmers could soon boost yields and develop high quality seed for sale, thanks to a new field guide produced by CIAT Africa.

Bean disease and pest identification and management contains detailed photographs, descriptions and treatments for an exhaustive list of pests and diseases of common beans in Africa, from cut worms and pod borers to blights and root rots. To download a copy in PDF Format (6MB), click here.

Climbing beans2

The handbook is aimed at helping farmers and extension workers identify and deal effectively with outbreaks, therefore helping to combat some of the leading causes of low bean yields. It could also enable farmers to produce seed of high enough quality that it can be certified for sale off-farm.

The 79-page, colour reference manual is the fourth in the Handbooks for small-scale seed producers series developed by CIAT bean experts at our regional research station in Uganda, which coordinates the Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA).

The handbook is published in English, with editions in French, Portuguese and Swahili also planned.

Previous guides include Producing bean seed and Business skills for small scale seed producers, as well as a trainer’s guide on business skills for small-scale seed producers.

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