Africa should follow Asia’s model for a green revolution – Hazell

24 January, 2011 by (comments)

This blog article by Peter Hazell calls for a renewed commitment to agricultural development in Africa in order to boost the chances of significantly reducing poverty on the continent.

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He writes that while there are some “striking similarities” between Africa now, and Asia in the 1950s, the level of financial support for agricultural development that triggered Asia’s green revolution, and then fed into the continent’s industrial revolution, is absent.

“Africa must industrialise,” he writes, “but history shows there are few pathways from an agrarian state that do not involve an early agricultural revolution. The alternative favoured by some is to create export-oriented, manufacturing enclaves that, even if highly successful, would barely dent Africa’s employment needs, while at the same time consolidating land into large farms and pushing millions of peasants off the land.

“Asia provides a better model to avoid the catastrophe that would follow from such 1950s thinking.”

Follow the link above to find out more of Hazell’s analysis.

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