Predicting crop suitability – the CaNaSTA story

7 January, 2011 by (comments)

CIAT scientist Peter Laderach has co-authored a new book on the benefits of the CaNaSTA (Crop Niche Selection in Tropical Agriculture) software.

See the book: Crop Niche Selection for Tropical Agriculture (CaNaSTA): Method, manual and case studies.

The software can help predict crop suitability in particular regions – and it’s free to download.

It has been used to support the Denomination of Origin status of Colombian coffee, by predicting sites where high value, gourmet varieties can be grown.

“CaNaSTA can help producers make better decisions about what and where to plant,” said Laderach. “I’m delighted that after five years of hard work developing it, CaNaSTA is now a powerful, relevant and freely-available tool.”

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