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3 September, 2010 by (comments)
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Challenges & Innovations

The current issue of CIAT’s e-newsletter starts with some thoughtful observations by CIAT’s Director General Ruben Echeverría on donor funding, alliances, and south-south technology exchanges, followed by a summary of the excellent outcomes of the recent visit by the Colombian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to the Center.

This issue also includes two stories that illustrate activities carried out to promote eco-efficient agriculture and find scientific solutions to reduce hunger and poverty in the tropics. The first describes a joint project with several partners to help Colombian coconut farmers get prepared for an alarming “disease squeeze”. The second refers to a wasp “sting operation” that could help Cambodian farmers to tackle a devastating pest: the cassava mealybug.

Special mention is also made to the award conferred to Daniel Debouck, gene bank manager, for his tireless work of collecting and conserving crop diversity.

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Dr. Edith Hesse
Corporate Communications and Capacity Strengthening (CCC)

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