A fond farewell to Douglas Pachico

4 June, 2009 by (comments)

CIAT has paid tribute to Douglas Pachico, who retires today after 29 years’ loyal service. At a special ceremony this afternoon, Doug was once again recognised for his outstanding work and his many achievements as bean program Leader, Head of Impact Assessment and Director of Research, and tree has been planted in the reception area in his honour.


During the ceremony, Albin Hubscher thanked Doug for his contributions to CIAT and admitted that he himself had benefitted enormously from Doug’s wisdom when he arrived at CIAT.


Long-term friend Tony Bellotti highlighted Doug’s dedication and professionalism. He also paid tribute to Doug’s hard work to keep crop research at the top of the scientific agenda, and emphasized how crucial his efforts were in overcoming the center’s recent challenges.


Douglas is now planning to take a trip to Asia, and to write a book.

Thanks for everything Doug – you will be missed!

The CCC Team

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