Africa’s Development Initiatives

20 May, 2009 by (comments)

Participants in Knowledge Sharing Week 2009 have been taking a closer look at some of CIAT and it partners’ development initiatives in Africa. The African Soil Information Service (AfSIS) is exciting example. An organization working with TSBF in 42 African countries, its core business is to address some of the soil constraints that African farmers face, for example erosion. The program’s studies will however be carried out in: Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. Click here to view the presentation by Peter Okoth.

The African Institute for Soil Biology and Fertility (AfNET), like AfSIS is working with TSBF, but working as a network of scientists to strengthen stakeholder capacity to generate, share & apply soil fertility management knowledge & skills to contribute to the welfare of farming communities. For the presentation by Saidou Koala, click here.

These two centers seek to work with other CIAT centers to share knowledge and achieve best results especially in overlapping areas like cassava research. The results from any mergers or initiatives made from these will be shared next year.

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