Introducing CIAT in Africa

19 May, 2009 by (comments)

During the Tuesday morning session of the Knowledge Sharing Week, Nteranya Sanginga welcomed the Director-General Ruben Echeverria to CIAT, and also invited him to visit the organization’s Africa office. Sanginga then provided a presentation on the highlights of the Tropical Soil Biology Fertility (TSBF) program. He introduced AfSIS and AfNET, important inititatives that aim to partner with many organizations active in knowledge sharing and research.


Bernard Vanlauwe from the Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) Program then gave a presentation highlighting its 3 main aims in Africa. These are: having legume cereal based systems, having cassava & rice-based systems and introducing conservation agriculture systems. Also mentioned here were the resources that ISFM currently needs in order to achieve its goals? These include: funding, staff and infrastructure. For the full presentation, click here.


Kristina Róíng de Nowena from the SLU (Sveriges Lantbruks Universitet {Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences}) touched on the collaborations that the university and SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) has with various research organizations worldwide. SLU wants to be a key partner to TSBF, CIAT and the CGIAR in agricultural research for development, to help achieve food and nutritional security for all. For more on this, click here.


For more on the upcoming merges and centers, keep checking this blog.

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